Advanced Headlight Restoration

We have spent thousands of hours and dollars developing the most permanent restoration process available on the market.

Our process includes a high level of education and skill which consistently produces stunning, beautiful and long lasting results, every time.





Headlight Restoration Austin

Basic Headlight Restoration Doesn't Last

Millions of dollars are wasted by consumers each year with the hopes of finding a quality and lasting way to restore their headlight’s original beauty.

Unfortunately, the large majority of these consumers find out within less than a year that their restoration does not last.

We have done thousands of restorations and can ensure our process is proven to outlast other methods.

It’s taken years of research, practice, and development to create our process

Improving Headlights Saves Lives

Having clear headlights can make a major difference in your ability to see at night. Headlight restoration is proven to improve nighttime visibility. The better you can see, the more increased safety you will have to drive.

Don't be another statistic, protect your family and ensure you are able to see well at night.


Our proprietary process produces a stunning, like-new appearance

WOW!! Im not kidding...thats all I kept saying...WOW!

Eddie F.

10/10 Made my recently purchased used 2015 Mustang in Competition Orange look better than new.

Neil M.

The interior cleaning was incredible.

Daniel P.

I was amazed by the results. Not a single stain on the carpet or seats. It was so clean that I didn't want to put anything on the seats.

Carl R.

Excellent attention to detail, extremely professional, exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.

Jason H.

The level of service and attention to detail is simply amazing.

Justin B.

The scratches are gone and it looks like a brand new car. The job on the inside was flawless as well.

Abraham C.

Better than new!!! Even though my car is only 1 year old, after Aric finished with it I fell in love with it all over again.

Craig P.

I love my car again.

Alex G.

My car looks MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

Tuesday R.

I Love Love this place! Aric is AmAZing!

Daniel P.

Holy miracle worker!!!! I can't even explain the miracle that was performed on my car.

Jennifer D.

The one thing about Aric that you don't find at a lot of detail places is the PRIDE he takes in his work. He simply will not allow an imperfect car to leave.

Mike N.

Let us restore your vehicle's headlights!