What Mobile Headlight Restoration Services Are Not Telling Customers

Going undercover as a customer, I found that representatives of many of the numerous mobile-headlight-restoration services in Austin often misinform or mislead potential clients. Not one was able to confidently claim that their restorations would last. A few offered warranties; but none would guaranty that their serviced headlights would not oxidize again in the near […]

Toothpaste to Clean Headlights

Ok, so the Internet is just full of wonderful and crazy ideas. Have you seen the hoax telling people to drain their oil in winter to keep the engine from freezing? It’s a great tip, right? Well, the toothpaste myth is not quite as damaging; but it does fall into the category of things you […]

Bug Spray to Clean Headlights

There has been a long-standing viral hoax that eulogizes the cleaning of headlights with Off Bug Spray. While the Internet video appears to demonstrate favorable results, the procedure damages your lights. Off bug spray contains DEET (diethyltoluamide), which in small quantities can repel insects. It is also a harsh chemical that will disintegrate certain materials […]

Problems with Headlight Restoration Kits

Our company, Headlight Restoration Austin, has tested most headlight-restoration kits on the market. While results varied, all had a singular problem: Longevity. None are designed to last! Other problems are briefly summarized below: The poorest-performing kits only contain wipes to remove oxidation. On headlights that we tested, the initial wipes cleared superficial damage only; the […]