What Mobile Headlight Restoration Services Are Not Telling Customers

Going undercover as a customer, I found that representatives of many of the numerous mobile-headlight-restoration services in Austin often misinform or mislead potential clients. Not one was able to confidently claim that their restorations would last. A few offered warranties; but none would guaranty that their serviced headlights would not oxidize again in the near future.

As an honest business person, I believe that it is unfair for these services to offer “restorations” costing $50-$100 per pair for what-will-likely-be short-lived repairs. During my investigation, I brought several different vehicles to five of the leading restoration services in Austin. The service at each was deficient. The $50 ones only sanded and buffed the lights with a coat of wax, a procedure that provides, at most, six months of clarity. The highest priced at $100 per pair used abridged procedures with an over-the-counter 3M restoration kit; this might provide one year of UV protection.

If you are selling your car right away, the least expensive service might satisfy you. However, if you are honest or plan to keep your vehicle for more than a year, you might want to pay a little more for something that lasts many years. Headlight Restoration Austin provides long-lasting products and service.

To ensure long-term durability, our company applies a high-quality UV coating to the headlights after they are carefully sanded and buffed with quality materials. A professional applicator sprays the coating in a controlled environment. This cannot be done in the field, which explains why none of the mobile services we tested offered it.

We invite you to research our claims. Ask each service how many years they’ve been testing their restorations. Ask them what method and materials they use. Using your findings, search the Internet. See what other people say! We believe in honest business dealings. We believe that our headlight-restoration service is the best and fairest in Austin and vicinity.

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